Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Andrew Breitbart...

from Jerry Wilson at Goldfish and Clowns - and we thank him.

This was one of the most touching and well-written pieces about Andrew Breitbart I've ever read.
I never met Andrew Breitbart; never conversed with him online. Had we done so, and had I been able to introduce him to my work I’d like to think he would have enjoyed at least some of my self-transcribed musings. I know he would have loved the ’80s Christian alternative rock I champion for the music alone if nothing else. But it never happened.

Since Breitbart’s passing in March of this year, the incessant fighting over who best represents his legacy has raged loud and long. Are the people who directly worked with him the sole proper heirs? Do they warrant special prestige or privilege for their association? Is there validity for those who emboss #IAmAndrewBreitbart on their tweets? Just who does he belong to, anyway?

Today I answered that question for myself.  read the rest

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