Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wow! Biden actually tells the truth...

by accident.

From The Hill:

Biden on Romney’s '47 percent' remarks: ‘I’ll let his words speak for themselves’
Vice President Biden refused to fully weigh in on Mitt Romney's comment that "47 percent" of Americans are "dependent on government" and would not vote for him.

"I’ll let his words speak for themselves," Biden said to reporters after a campaign speech in Ottumwa, Iowa, on Tuesday.  read the rest
Guess what, Mr. Biden?  The words do speak for themselves and do it quite well.  I was just wandering around Huff & Puff (don't worry - I always leave a trail of corn kernels so I can find my way home), and the libtards over there are all in a snit.  "How could Romney say such a thing?"  It just shows how he thinks about 47% of the people of this country."  "He's doomed." Actually, it shows what the majority of people think about the whiners and losers and I think he picked up quite a few votes. 


Eye of Polyphemus:   Mitt Romney's Frank Assessment of Barack Obama's Supporters 

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