Monday, September 17, 2012

Muslims destroy statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Christian school...

Catholics expected to retaliate by beheading as many Muslims as they can find while shouting out, "Death to the Mary defamers" or the alternative, "Jesus doesn't like his mother dissed."

ZINDER, Niger (AP) – Muslims angry over a U.S.-made film that portrays Islam’s Prophet Muhammad as a womanizer have attacked a Christian school in eastern Niger, destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary.
An Associated Press reporter present in Zinder, located 550 miles (900 kilometres east) of the capital, Niamey, saw the mob also burn the school’s door and bunks used by the pupils before security forces intervened.
Protester Mamane Sani said, “Our religion has been attacked, and it’s why we are in the streets to express our anger.”
Eighty per cent of Niger’s 16 million people are Muslim. Riots over the anti-Muslim film have spread to numerous countries, including the West African nations of Mauritania and Nigeria.

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