Friday, September 7, 2012

Memo to the World: Caroline Kennedy has officially and publicly gone over to the dark side.

she's going to have some 'splainin to do.
"As a Catholic woman, I take reproductive health seriously, and today, it is under attack. This year alone, more than a dozen states have passed more than 40 restrictions on women’s access to reproductive health care. That’s not the kind of future I want for my daughters or your daughters. Now isn’t the time to roll back the rights we were winning when my father was president. Now is the time to move this country forward." source
Catch that everyone?  As a CATHOLIC woman. Not just any woman, but a Catholic woman.  No, Caroline, that is diametrically opposed to not only Catholic teaching, but to the beliefs of every decent person in this country.  Killing babies is not health care - particularly if you happen to be the baby involved.   And you're wishing for a future where your daughters can have abortions?  Even Bill O'Reilly was shocked.

From Leila, at Little Catholic Bubble:
Caroline Kennedy invoked her Catholicism to advocate for unfettered abortion in America. Let me restate: She used the very fact of her Catholicism to champion the cause of abortion on demand. Oh, yes she did. So that those hearing her would think it's okay to be a Catholic and advocate for abortion!   read the rest - she does a fine fisking of Ms Fluke, too.

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