Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's Tuesday...

what's going on.

Besides, of course, the freak show in Charlotte.  I will be watching  parts of it because it's important to know what your enemies are doing.

The Lonely Conservative:   Obama Gives Himself ‘Incomplete’ Grade On Economy

The Blaze:   Democratic Party platform revealed: guns, marriage and women

Michelle Malkin:   The tall tales Michelle Obama will bolster tonight

The Greenroom:   So Civility’s Not The Supreme Virtue, Then?

Conservatives on Fire:   The Obama Campaign is Running On Spent Ammunition, Retreads, and Used Tires

Capitalist Preservation:   David Axlerod: It's STILL Bush's fault

Smitty at The Other McCain:   In Which I Confess Confusion

Political Realities:   Barack Obama Helped Create The Mortgage Crisis

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