Monday, September 10, 2012

Huffington Post publishes strange rant from Steven Van Zandt...

that even the Huff & Puff peeps aren't buying. 

Steven Van Zandt, who plays guitar in Bruce Springsteen's band and the guy that plays Tony Soprano's consigliere Silvio, has taken the time out of his busy schedule to write an op-ed for Huff & Puff.  He's not happy with Obama.

He declares that he would like:
"Personally, speaking as an Independent, I would love to see him remain as our president forever."
 Um, okay.

Then he says:
"But at the same time, as president, I expect him to accomplish virtually nothing, just as he did in his first four years."

You see, these are the things a truly "transformational" president would have been working on.

Little Stevie's bucket list:
  • Overturn Buckley v Valeo;
  • Eliminate all private money in the election process;
  • Ban all international military sales;
  • Eliminate all use of fossil fuels over the next ten years;
  • Ban all preservatives, steroids, chemicals, additives, pesticides in our food;
  • Ban sugar;
  • Gather Futurists to design what the country should be in 50 years and then create jobs to fit the model;
  • Create the national green energy grid;
  • Build the high speed train network;
  • Health insurance for everyone for free;
  • Moratorium on all foreclosures;
  • Lower personal and Corporate tax rates to 15% and institute a 10% acquisition tax on all financial services transactions, acquisitions, mergers, and stock trades to make up for it;
  • Eliminate all air and water pollution;
  • Ban plastic bottles;
  • Put Arts classes back into schools;
Yep!  That's what I want my president focusing on - banning plastic bottles. 
Now he's getting really nasty and calling Obama a eunuch.  Ouch!
Moreover, suggesting all you need is a cool president to get stuff done, rather than a filibuster-proof Congress, is rather misleading given the last four years don't you think?
As I said, I'm perfectly fine with a visionless, meaningless, non-transformative Obama (the other guys would just make things worse) knowing he'll do no further harm.
But wouldn't an Obama that actually got something done be an even better Obama than the dignified but legislative eunuch Obama?
 Oh, he's gotten stuff done, Stevie, it's just that none of it is good.

I love his description of conservatives:
Maybe they didn't want to admit that "Mr. Compromise" brought a knife to a gunfight. And yeah someday he'll make a great head of the U.N., but a street guy he ain't. I say okay, so what?

They could use that as sympathy for him in this election. The well meaning, way too civilized, idealistic nice guy who ran into very un-American, anti-American, uncompromising, psychotic right wing extremists that in fact have no business being part of our beautiful and peaceful and balanced system.
 My advice, Stevie?  Take off that doo-rag you wear all the time to cover up your bald head and let a little sunshine and air in.  Good grief, you're 61 years old - button up your shirt and try to act like an adult.  Capisce?

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