Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Elizabeth Warren...

jobs grow from the bottom up.

Never had a poor person give me a job.

About Jim Sinegal, founder and former CEO of Costco...

Jim Sinegal made a good argument for Romney.  As some of you know, I worked for Costco for many years.  It was a great place to work and Jim was a great CEO.  I know Jim, maybe not well enough to be invited over for dinner, but I've made many a warehouse inspection with him and traveled to Wenatchee, WA to help open their new warehouse many years ago.  Jim made sure we were paid our hourly wage for our travel, paid for upscale accommodations, and threw a wonderful private party for the employees.  Because that's the way Jim believed in treating his employees.

His reasons for wanting everyone to vote for Obama are ridiculous on the surface.  Obama's policies do nothing to support a business built from the ground up, indeed, a business that Jim Sinegal built, not government.

I have no idea of why he supports Obama.  None!

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