Friday, August 31, 2012

Obama in context... w/Update


I heard President Thin Skin tweeted a picture of himself sitting in the Oval Office and said something about "seat taken."  I'm too lazy to actually find the pic** and that's not what's important.  What's really important is that we have a sitting president who has time to play childish snarky games on Twitter instead of actually trying to do some work.  I can see him sitting on Air Force One, giggling with his sycophants.

You want to know the real difference between Romney and Obama?  One is an adult and acts like one.  You guess which one.

I've heard Romney referred to as being wooden.  No he's not.  Our culture is so dumbed down, crude, and crass that listening to an adult speak has become boring.

The populace needs to have the "oceans receding, and the planet healing" delivered in a faux preacher cadence (can you say shuck and jive?) or they don't think it's worth listening to.

**Update:  Nice Deb has the photo

Picture from Stogie over at Saberpoint - and we thank him.

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