Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's Wednesday...

what's going on.

(And how come there's so many weird letters in "Wednesday?  Do you know anyone, anyone who actually pronounces the "d"?  I suggest we throw that "d" into the trashcan of history.  On the other hand the abbreviation Wen. doesn't look as balanced and lovely as Wed.  It's a conundrum.)

Conservatives on Fire:   Is It Too Late? Is It EnevitableThat The Debt Will Crush The World Economy?

Reaganite Republican:  Ryan Bounce in FULL EFFECT as New Poll Has Romney Soaring to a 14-Point Leadin Major Battleground State Florida

Dad29:   Texas Wins v. Planned Parenthood!

Politicaljunkie Mom:  Well, at least he stimulated something!

JWF:  War on Small Business: DNC Sues Motel for 20 Rooms, Seeks Damages and Restraining Order

LI: is live

Wyblog:   Obama and the econuts conspire to keep gasoline prices high and prevent domestic energy production

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