Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Homosexuals are all about tolerance and inclusiveness...

but it only flows one way.

If you own a business and think you can choose the people you do business with, you'd better think again.

From Lifesite: 

Catholic innkeepers fined $30,000 and lose wedding business for not hosting reception for gender-segregated couple
What's the price for defending gender-integrated marriage?

How much did it cost a Vermont business to live out its faith?

The answer: $30,000.

Two women from New York, Kate Baker and Ming Linsley, sued the Wildflower Inn of Vermont for declining to host their wedding reception.

The owners of the inn, Jim and Mary O'Reilly, are Catholic and believe in pro-gender marriage. They refused to celebrate the marriage of the gender-segregated couple.

The American Civil Liberties Union helped the monogender couple win their lawsuit.  read the rest
 Don't ask me what all these terms like pro-gender, mono-gender, gender-integrated, and gender-segregated mean.  These women are lesbians and have sex with each other.  It's as simple as that.  It's not about love - it's about sex.  

They think that if you don't affirm their chosen path in life, you must be crushed.   But, wait.  I thought they stood for tolerance.  Silly me.

I can't imagine people being so mean-spirited, vile, and nasty that they would attack a couple for not hosting their fake wedding reception. 

For anyone facing such a thing, may I offer a word of caution?  Learn to lie.  Tell them you're booked solid or you're planning on torching the place for the insurance money, and it just happens to be on the day they want to rent your facility.  It's not worth 30K dollars to tell the truth.

Gaze on the faces of the vile squids celebrating after their big win for "tolerance."

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