Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2016: Obama's America...

a must see.

I really didn't understand Dinesh d'Souza's take on the concept of colonialism driving Obama's world view.  Admittedly, I haven't read his book, which would have better informed me. After seeing this magnificently produced documentary, however, the concept became quite clear.  Is Mr. d'Souza right?  I definitely think he has managed to put a piece of the puzzle into place.

We attended the 1:45 pm showing on Sunday and the theater was packed.  It was the people who were packing the theater that was a welcome surprise.  Trust me on this; there was not one person in that theater who was not qualified for Medicare, and I'm sure they will all be voting for Romney.  During the movie, you could hear a pin drop.  At movie's end, the theater erupted in applause.

Do I have anything to criticize about the production?  Not one thing. We found it riveting.

If you are able, I suggest purchasing your tickets online if that option is available to you.  It costs an additional $1.25 per ticket, but when we saw the line at the box office, we were more than happy to have spent the extra money.  We whisked ourselves right into the theater and tied down two great seats.

Go to Yahoo Movies, click on "showtimes", and enter your location for theaters and movie times.  Most of the larger theaters offer the "purchase ticket online" option. Print out your ticket and you're good to go.

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