Monday, August 20, 2012

20 years after Ruby Ridge, there's forgiveness...

blessings on Sara Weaver.

In the past, I've posted on the siege at Ruby Ridge since it happened so close to my home and was so horrific.  It was the epitome of government agencies completely out of control.  Imagine army tanks driving up a dirt trail in the woods to apprehend a lone man, Randy Weaver, who was not a danger to anyone.   They killed his son, put a bullet in the head of his wife while she was holding their infant daughter, and even killed the family dog.  It is an event that will never be forgotten in North Idaho.

 Not long after Ruby Ridge, the government burned down a religious compound in Waco, Texas killing 76 people.


 ATF - Rogue Agency

Over at Creative Minority Report Reader, I saw this article:  

 20 years after Ruby Ridge, there's forgiveness
  When Sara Weaver saw her father Randy struck in the shoulder by a government sniper's bullet in the Idaho wilderness in August 1992, she began to sprint back to the family's cabin on a mountaintop called Ruby Ridge.
As the 16-year-old closed in, her mother, Vicki, opened the cabin door and stood behind it, holding Sara Weaver's 10-month-old sister in her arms. Just then, a sniper's bullet struck her mother in the head, killing her.  read the rest

I'm thankful that Sara has found peace.

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