Friday, June 8, 2012

Has Nancy Pelosi ever read the Catechism of the Catholic Church?...

or is she so far down the path of self-delusion she actually thinks she makes sense.

When asked about the Catholic institutions suing over the HHS mandate (which, I might remind everyone, does nothing to limit access to birth control),  she said this:
“Well, I don’t think that’s the entire Catholic Church,” Pelosi responded. “Those people have a right to sue, but I don’t think they’re speaking ex cathedra for the Catholic Church.
Ex cathedra, Nance?  Do you have the faintest idea what "ex cathedra" means?  Obviously not.  Since it literally means "from the chair", it is only employed when the Pope speaks infallibly on doctrines of  faith and morals.  The last time a Pope spoke ex cathedra was in 1950 when Pius XII defined the Assumption of Mary.

The most startling thing Pelosi said was when CNS news asked her:
[...]When tried to ask Pelosi if she agreed with her church’s teaching on sterilization--which is one of the moral issues at the center of the church’s lawsuit against the Obamacare regulation--Pelosi cut the question off.

“You know what, I do my religion on Sunday in church, and I try to go other days of the week. I don’t do it at this press conference,” she said.
Unfortunately, for the well-being of her soul, she had better re-think her position on when she "does her religion."  This backs up Obama's frequent references to "freedom of worship" rather than freedom of religion, which are two totally different things.

So all you Christians out there should listen carefully to what this so-called Catholic has just said.  She has stated that she agrees with Obama on "freedom of worship", but the rest of the time you better just be an everyday pagan and bow to whatever the state wants.  This attitude is the one that prevails in the minds of everyday progressives in this country.  They feel free to, and take great delight in, insulting in the most vile and common of ways, all things Christian.  And it is being pushed as a major agenda of this administration.

It is not by accident that the Ten Commandments are being ripped from buildings, school children can't pray, Bibles are forbidden in most places, and any and everything that is anti-Christian is not only allowed, but encouraged.

Does the following even remotely depict a sane person?

If the video is not showing watch it at CNS news  It's the first one...

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