Monday, May 21, 2012

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers: a voice of reason in Spokane...

 discusses the "war on women."

The following clip from the John King show demonstrates how this whole phony "war on women" should be an insult to any woman who considers herself brighter than a 15W light bulb.  While McMorris is focused on the economy, the liberal democrat (might I add "black" without being called racist?) Rep. Donna Edwards from Maryland is babbling about Romney wanting to deny contraception to women.

Has it ever occurred to these mental midgets that women have been paying for their contraception for 52 years since it's unveiling in 1960, and have experienced no hardships in doing so?    Now suddenly, there's a "war on women" because people are resisting the mandate stating that insurance companies must cover the full cost without even a copay.  Now, we all know insurance companies are not in the business to provide anything free to anyone, so the cost will be borne by the entirety of policy holders. 

Let's talk about the real war on women that began with the availability of birth control pills.  The real war is the one that has convinced women that simply by ingesting a daily hormonal stew in the form of a little pill, they would be able to attain the nirvana of sexual freedom.  Not really, ladies.  It's really freedom to be used for the sexual pleasure of men.  Freedom to be demeaned and objectified.  And if something goes wrong with your form of birth control, in all likelihood, you will be the one paying to have your child ripped from your womb.  And there's a pretty good chance that baby will be a girl.  Oh well, it's a war and we need to expect some battlefield deaths.

Maybe Ms Edwards thinks women can't afford birth control since, as she says, women make less than men.  Sorry, Ms Edwards, that little canard has been proven to be a myth.  Adjusting for hours worked, in most cases women earn the same as men. 

The real issue affecting women is not birth control. The real issue is the economy. 



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