Thursday, May 24, 2012

Minnesota taxpayers take it in the shorts...


Hey, they voted Mark Dayton into office as governor and now they're shocked, shocked I tell you, that he's passing out tubes of K-Y and telling them to bend over.  When will the lefties ever learn?

I'm sure I have lots of relatives (who all think I'm nuts), who voted for this pig Dayton and swoon at the mention of Obama's name.  I'm so glad I live in Idaho now...

Public Financing of Vikings Stadium a Bad Deal for Fans, Taxpayers

The collusion between big business and big government that fleeces the rest of us has struck again — Tim Carney, iMessage your office – this time in the sports world.

Minnesota governor Mark Dayton recently signed the midnight deal that state lawmakers struck with the owners of the state’s football team, the Minnesota Vikings, to build the team a new stadium.  This caused plenty of celebration in Minneapolis and elsewhere across the Gopher State.  Alas, the hangover is about to come for taxpayers regardless of their gridiron allegiance or level of fandom. read the rest at Cato @ Liberty

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