Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Hack Wilson:   Barack Obama: A History of Communism

Randy's Roundtable:  Jay (carnival barker) Carney Goes Off The Rails

Libertas et Memoria:   Jefferson on bad and good religion

In Case You Missed It

From: Valleetrails:

A rebuttal:
I think this might be considered a rant, but it's not my intent.  My intent is to say something very serious in answer to a statement made by a blogger.
On Sunday evening I was on a "directed surf" and found a very articulate conservative blogger who said that he would vote for Obama, because voting for Mitt Romney was just as bad and that since he knew what Obama was all about he might as well just put his vote there.  I read all the comments and one or two said that they just could not do that.  As of Wednesday, those comments had risen to 61. The sign of a great blog! :)   Read the rest.  It's excellent!

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