Friday, May 25, 2012

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Last Update:  I am completely overwhelmed by the response to the "Blog about Brett Kimberlin Day."  I don't have anyway to know for sure, but when I Googled either Patterico or Brett Kimberlin the number of hits that came up was staggering.

Glenn Beck interviewed Patrick Frey (Patterico) and Aaron Walker on his radio show.  Since I'm in the Pacific time zone his program airs at 3PM here so many of you heard it before I did. 

If you haven't - here they are:

The first one is Patrick and the second one is Aaron

Update (11:52 PDT):  Breitbart:  Kimberlin Funders Stunned to Discover they Fund Kimberlin

My previous post links to Patterico's Pontifications and his ordeal.  I consider it the must read of the day.

Radio Patriot has a list of participating  blogs  - and we thank him.  I'm sure he'll forgive me for swiping the list.

There's probably more by now.  If you want to be on the list, let me know...

The republican Mother has a list of all the contributors to this scum bag.  Good work!

Ooops. I don't see Stacy McCain or Chris Wysocki.

Adding on:  McNorman's Weblog 

Welcome:  Subvet, Shout First - Ask Questions Later, Capitalist Preservation, Israel Matza, and Valleetrails


our very own Agnes Bullock who has post after post. 

Gateway Pundit 

Three Beers Later 

Carol, Christian Soldier

And here's the "Discussion" links from Memeorandom (gleefully stolen since they never link to me anymore.)  Radio Patriot's links below...

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