Friday, April 20, 2012

My Friday night off...

hubby is gone.

 I will start the evening with a mocktail (or two.)  I think tonight it will be V8 with stalks of celery, lots of fresh lime, splashes of Tabasco, and sprigs of fresh basil.

Then I will paint my toenails bright pink.

While they are drying I will eat my dinner.

Usually I'm a purist when it comes to nachos (just sharp cheddar and loads of jalapenos), but tonight I will add fresh tomato, olives, and sour cream with a side of salsa.

I'll be reading this while I eat.  At the rate I'm keeping up with my book reviews, poor Bart DePalma will have died of old age before I do my review of his book.  In the meantime, Ted Lacksonen (The Country Thinker), has done a very interesting review of the book. 

and for dessert?

Altogether, a lovely, lovely evening.

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