Thursday, April 26, 2012

Montreal students riot over raises in tuition...

that is 80% funded by the government - which I think is broke.

Socialism: Eventually you run out of other people's money - doncha know?

I'm reading about the riots in Montreal over the proposed rate hike of college tuition by about $325.00.  Without knowing what the rates are now, I had no way of knowing if this was an egregious demand.  I decided to do a bit of sleuthing around to see if I could ascertain what it costs to go to school in Montreal

 It wasn't easy to find what I was looking for, so I ran myself through a few "tuition calculators" for schools in Montreal that I found online.  I kept coming up with really weird figures like around $2000.00 for 15 credits in each of three quarters.  The $2000.00 was for all three quarters for a citizen of Quebec.   Huh?  I think I paid that much in the 60's at the University of Houston.  Certainly that couldn't be correct.

As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a Canadian blog which gave figures that matched what I was coming up with.  I have a habit of paying as much attention to the comments as I do to articles.  Alas and alack, half the dang comments are in French. 

Quebec Students- A Study in Entitlement 
Every time I hear Quebec students leaders threaten a strike over tuition fees, I grind my teeth and remind myself that this is exactly what is wrong with Quebec.

You'd never know it from listening to the incessant and annoying braying that Quebec students remain the most pampered in North America, with the lowest tuition fees and among the lowest entry standards for access to post-secondary education.

The average annual Quebec university tuition fee is $2,168, while the average in the ROC(Quebec excluded) is $5,445. In the United States that fee is over $10,000.

In other words, Quebecers pay less than 40% of what other Canadians pay for a university education and about 20% of what Americans pay.

The students are mighty angry over the fact that the Quebec government plans to boost annual tuition fees by $325 per year for five years, raising the fees to $3,793 by 2017.    read the rest

Well - this will make everything better.  Let's rip up a few businesses, clog the streets, and cost the (heavily taxed) people of Montreal lots of money to send out the police.  I'm so tired of people protesting - in particular the lazy know-nothing little twits you see in this video.

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