Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some random thoughts...

just because.

  • I really don't give a carp that Malia Obama is on a school trip.  I do give a carp about the internet being scrubbed of all references to the trip.  Doesn't it worry you that so many outlets were so eager to do the bidding of the White House?  Were there threats? 
  • Anyone who dismisses the EO Obama signed last Friday as being "just like the one Clinton signed in 1994" (EO 12919), is ignoring the addition in Section 201(b) in the new version, the words “under both emergency and non-emergency conditions." I really don't care how many so-called experts don't think this EO is anything out of the ordinary.  They obviously have forgotten that we are not dealing with "ordinary" people. 
  • I predict a major war before the elections in November. 
  • I have a new book from the library that looks interesting: Hitlerland: American Eyewitnesses to the Nazi Rise to Power by Andrew Nagorski.  I doubt it will be as good as In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson.  Most people back then didn't see anything "out of the ordinary, either."  Just sayin'.
  • Has anyone ever noticed that all the garden variety loony lefties are either complete failures who think they've somehow been "shafted", or they are members of some protected class - which includes both government and university employees.
  • Question:  Do lefties ever check their sources upon which they base their misguided opinions?  I wouldn't think so since they've been obediently repeating the "war on women" meme for several weeks.
  • Do people really believe health care will be "free" under Obamacare?

  • I've heard today is the first day of spring.  We woke up to snow on the ground. It's gone now.
  • I'm making Italian sausage soup with cheese tortellini for dinner. Mine will have cabbage in it.  I love cooked cabbage.
  • Now it's raining and we're actually having lighting and thunder. Which brings to mind the question of why most people say "thunder and lighting", when the lighting happens before the thunder. 

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Chell... said...

Oh, have I missed reading your blog!

I am located in the "mitten"...weatherwise we celebrated an 80+ degree day yesterday! Was I shocked to see red on my shoulders the other night before I went to bed!

Looking forward to catching up on your blog! Take care :)