Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Thursday...

what's going on.

Heading off to my weekly meeting of the Kootenai County Reagan Republicans, where I will be wearing my brand new Breitbart is Here T-shirt that just arrived.  All profits are going to the Breitbart children.

Here are some things that jumped out at me this morning:

Doug Ross has posted the complete epilogue to Mark Levin's Ameritopia.  I finally had to purchase a copy of the book at Costco but have not finished it yet.  I'm still working on Never Allow a Crisis to Go to Waste, by Bart De Palma and will be reviewing it soon.

I was having trouble planning dinner for this evening.  Not anymore.  We're having steak!  Western Hero:   Red Scare

Sultan Knish:   The Bankrupt Race Card   Excellent!

Sentry Journal:   The patterns of history

Dad29:   ACT's and SAT's Voter ID Law

Digital Hairshirt:   Suffer the Children in Anaheim  Digi always manages to cut through the flack and get to the heart of a matter.  My kind of gal!

Bride of Rove:   One of those weeks I’d rather forget  Some good advice

Green Mountain Homesteading:   Beating your head against the wall... I know the feeling

Carol's Blog:   MONUMENTAL-Movie/True US History /Kirk Cameron/Marshall Foster

Jeffery Lord:   The Plot to Get Rush    This is long by blog standards, but it's a "must read" to see how the MSM operates. 

Jammie Wearing Fool:   Obama 2009: “You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas … on the taxpayer’s dime”; 2012: Moochelle and the Kids Hit Vegas


We need to keep up our voting for The Lonely Conservative at the MOMS contest.

You can vote once per day.  She's still in second place.  We need to prove to the lefties that the conservatives have perseverance.  Voting will continue for another 7 days (Arrrrrrgh)
Go here and click for the Lonely Conservative. She is currently in second. If everyone visiting this site goes here and clicks she will vault into the lead. Lefty moms are not going to win a conservative vs. progressive mom contest, not on my watch!
There is no registration and it takes about 3 seconds. 

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