Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chris Rock - BFF of Barack Hussein Obama...

isn't that sweet?

In case you haven't seen this, it's a video of Barack Obama's BFF and previous guest at the White House attacking Jason Mattera.  What did Mattera do to elicit such a response?  He asked why Rock called tea party folks "racists and insane."  Nothing about Rock's response could be considered "insane." /sarc Judge for yourself.

Which brings us to the next link sent to me by my friend and fellow conservative Lola, who blogs at What Lola Really Wants, Really.

I've always known Chris Rock was a foul mouthed very unfunny guy who hates whitey.  We can go so far as to call him a virulent racist. And yet, this is the kind of people that our low-class inhabitants of the White House consider proper guests for the "people's house." 


Obama Foodorama:
Comedian Chris Rock has worked President Obama's landmark, top-secret 50th birthday party into his stand-up act. During a surprise performance at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles on February 24th, Rock, in very colorful language, recounted his own impressions and those of fellow guest Jay-Z as they attended the President's August 4th barbeque at the White House, where revelers included Emmitt Smith, Tom Hanks, Steve Harvey, Charles Barkley, Grant Hill, and Whoopi Goldberg, as well as top Administration officials and First Family friends. The party lasted for more than six hours and included performances by Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder as well as barefoot dancing in the East Room.
 An audience member shot a video at this event.  It didn't take long before Rock got it pulled claiming copyright - or something.  But transcripts remain.

Some of the highlights:
"You gotta realize the White House is made by slaves, alright? Okay, think about this a f**king moment: A bunch of black people doing the f**king Dougie in a house that slaves built and when you walk around the White House there's nothing but big-ass portraits of Presidents and First Ladies and sh*t...and I look up and see Lincoln with a bloody tear coming out...Kennedy thought it was cool...Clinton got off on the picture and was f**king Jackie O in the ass..."
 His description of Mooch is actually pretty spot-on: 
"Obama, man he's really black. He's got a black wife. A real black wife. You can tell she's black, you don't even need a picture, you just need a silhouette. Sh*t, she's black. And she's got a hard job, f**king Michelle Obama's got a hard f**king job."
How about we celebrate blackness?
Of DJ Cassidy, Rock says he started by playing "typical wedding sh**t for white people and black people...but as the party went on, the sh*t got blacker and blacker..he was creeping that sh*t in...he played "One Nation Under Groove...George Clinton in the White House...what the f**k he played a little bit of 'Chocolate City'..."

"Then just when I thought it couldn't get no blacker, this motherf**ker played 'Crazy in Love'...Beyonce...and then Obamas kids started dancing...they came from outta nowhere and f**king Sasha and Malia started doing the Dougie...I'm like oh sh* it couldn't get no blacker..."
Is this is the type of person that our current occupants of the White House consider a "proper" guest?  The video, which has been scrubbed from the internet, was also shown on the Michael Savage show.  Does Chris Rock have copyright claim to the video, since it was filmed by a customer of the club?  I doubt it.  But what average every day citizen can fight this out in court?

 You can read the rest at Foodorama.  Have mouthwash handy.

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