Monday, March 5, 2012

Buried under the unrelenting Sandra Fluke coverage is some very important stuff...

isn't her 15 minutes of infamy fame over yet?

Dolan Urges Catholics to Become More Active in Politics
HICKSVILLE, N.Y. — Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan told Roman Catholics on Saturday that in an era when the church was fighting the government on several fronts, they needed to make their voices heard more clearly in the political sphere. 

Speaking at a diocesan convocation on public policy here, Cardinal Dolan, who is the archbishop of New York and president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, said, “We are called to be very active, very informed and very involved in politics.” READ THE REST
I've been saying this ever since I moved away from only posting on Catholic "stuff", because, you see, politics is Catholic stuff whether you wish to admit it or not. 

The end result of the actions of Catholics who consider themselves "above the fray", is the election of the most pro-abortion, radically anti-religious president in the history of this republic.  Catholics who know very little about their faith and bought into the "hope and change" are responsible for the current war being waged on the Church by the Obama administration.  How's that "staying above the fray" working out for you?

Harsh?  I think not.  

Let's Kill the Newborns
Ever since that article from a couple of individuals who consider themselves "ethicists", advocating for the right for parents to kill their babies, I have been unable to write about it.  Why?  Because I actually know people who would see nothing at all wrong with this approach. The realization of the depravity of these individuals left me rather stunned.   I always knew they were a bit "off", but really had a hard time acknowledging their basic evilness. 

I admit that even evil people can occasionally do nice things. After all, Hitler loved dogs.  And some evil people like to serve soup at the local kitchens for poor people.  None of this changes the fact that some people are evil and are probably not able to be redeemed.  

Most of these folks who believe in killing newborns (even, in some cases, up to many months old), also laud philosopher Peter Singer as their hero.  They think he's brilliant.  Peter Singer not only advocates killing babies, but thinks if you and your doberman share a close bond, you should solidify that closeness by engaging in sex with each other. 

The images that pop into my mind at the thought give new meaning to the word "disgusting."  Do married couples who admire Singer engage in threesomes with their pets, or do they just have an open marriage?  Inquiring minds want to know...

American Thinker:  Article Advocating 'After-Birth Abortion' Mugs Liberals with Reality
Conservatives were horrified when the Journal of Medical Ethics published an article advocating "after-birth abortion" for handicapped, or just inconvenient, babies.  They are correct that it is a disgusting piece of amoral analysis, but that is its virtue.  As much as conservatives hate it, progressives hate it more.  Many are convinced that it's a plant by the pro-life crowd.  What progressives cannot articulate, but intuitively understand, is that by applying a reductio ad absurdum approach to the notion of abortion, the article forces pro-abortion people to confront the Big Lie that underpins their willingness to terminate a pregnancy, even an advanced one.  READ THE REST

RightKlik:   Julian Savulescu's Bloody Evil: Making "Ethics" Irrelevant?
[...]In promoting barbarism under the banner of "medical ethics," Savulescu is turning his field of study into an unenlightened, illiberal, atavistic charnelosophy, hardly distinguishable from the moral codes of the 20th century's most industrious sociopaths. If the field medical "ethics" becomes morally repugnant, can medical ethicists expect to remain relevant?  READ THE REST


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