Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's going on with gas prices?...

as they go up and up.

We're some of the lucky ones because we work at home.  During the winter hubby teaches at a college on the west side of Spokane, which is a 35 mile trip one way.  So far our gas prices in North Idaho have stayed down ($2.96 at Costco) relative to the rest of the country.  About the time they start their seasonal surge upwards, he no longer has to make the long drive.  We can exist quite nicely only driving 25 or so miles each week during the summer. 

But what of the people who have to drive 10 or 20 miles every day to work if the gas prices go as high as predicted?  I can't imagine having a four or five hundred dollar gas bill each month.

I wonder how much jet fuel was burned up getting Mooch to Aspen and flying Obummer around to scarf up more money for his campaign? 


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