Friday, February 3, 2012

There's nothing like a good chuck roast...

at a very low price.

This past week one of our local stores had boneless chuck roasts for under $3.00 per lb. (remember when chuck roasts were really, really cheap?)  I "heart" chuck roasts.  Last week I bought two humungous roasts and here's how I prepared them.
  • I seared them on all sides on the stovetop
  • Brushed them with Kitchen Bouquet
  • Sprinkled them liberally with coarse ground sea salt and fresh ground pepper
  • Smothered them in garlic cloves and onion
  • Slow roasted (covered) in the oven
 After cooking, the roasts were sliced half-in-two (that's Texas talk for cut in half), vacuum sealed, and popped into the freezer.

This morning I did two more roasts.  Both will be divided and one of the halves will be for dinner with plenty of left-overs for tomorrow.  The other three chunks will be frozen like the first ones. That brings my total to 6 luscious precooked roasts in the freezer and I saved about $25.00.

How do you take advantage of sales? 

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