Thursday, February 9, 2012

One way to lower the armed forces. Starve them to death...

this looks like some sort of joke.

Michelle Obama took time out from her busy schedule of buying Handi-Wipes at Target, to fly (on our dime) to Little Rock Air Force Base, and inform the military of their swell new way to eat.

Click on the picture below and check out what she thinks is a decent meal for service people in training.  A tiny slice of some sort of processed turkey or chicken, a blob of broccoli, and something that is indistinguishable from what goes in my kitteh's bowl.  This is all washed down with a salad and some water.   I bet they eat better at Guantanamo.

These guys look like they've finished eating.  Sure is a bunch of broccoli still on the plates.

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