Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Obama: Intellectually Incurious...

and proud of it.

My blog buddy, Will Profit at Capitalist Preservation, turned me on to the following article by Ed Lasky at The American Thinker: How Obama Makes Decisions - and I thank him.  This morning I read every article at AT except this one.  My bad, because it's excellent.  The comments are already over 80 and will probably grow to several hundred. 

Mr. Lasky makes an excellent case for the intellectual laziness of this narcissist who spends the majority of his time at parties, golfing, campaigning, and reading words on a teleprompter that someone else wrote.
[...] Indeed, a good rule of thumb to judge Obama by is to take his boast, reverse it, and then apply it to Obama.  He seems out of his depth when discussing policy, so he avoids press conferences and becomes irate during the rare times a non-fawning journalist poses a challenging question to him.  Or he is just reduced to "gibberish," as Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson described his answer to ABC News's Jake Tapper over a question regarding his broken promise to reduce debt.
Or he relies on fluff as deep as "hope," "change," and "yes we can," as he did during the campaign.  Now he depends on "fat cats" and "fairness."  They are easy to remember and are not as challenging for him as being able to comprehend and explain actual policy.

One of the comments stood out (read the comments after the article - they're wonderful) and asked the question of how, since his poor performance is so obvious, could 50% of the people still give him a favorable rating. 

I think that's fairly easy to understand.  We have devolved into a nation where the majority of the people have a sub-standard education and possess not one wit of intellectual curiosity themselves.  How can an electorate like that possibly see anything wrong with this administration, or with Obama?  He espouses all they hold dear.  Their highest praise is, "He's cool" or "He da man."  Really? Is that the best they can do?  Sad to say, it is.

People on the far left are perhaps the laziest when it comes to understanding the major issues of the day, including economics, or foreign policy.  That is the main reason you can't have a discussion with a liberal.  It usually ends soon after the first thoughtful and reasoned question is presented to them, because they have no answer based on an understanding of the situation and so resort almost immediately to name calling.

The liberals who I have come in contact with throughout my life rarely read anything at all (save the morning newspaper), and when they do, it is usually some leftie screed they make no effort to vet.  Most conservatives I know are always asking questions.  Do we believe something just because a self-identified conservative said it?  I don't, and I hope most of us don't.

How Obama Makes Decisions
There is a cliché in Washington.  There are two things you do not want to see made: sausage and laws.  To those we may add a third: Barack Obama's decisions.
Americans were warned by his opponents that Barack Obama was unprepared to be president.  He had very little record to run on, and his one experience at being an executive was a failure -- his hushed up history running and running through a hundred million dollars as the head of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in Chicago.  He had a record of avoiding tough decisions (the "voting present" issue); he was just a celebrity who was not ready for the 3 A.M. phone call.  The presidency was not an "on the job" training program.
After three years we can judge those fears to be well-warranted. READ IT ALL

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