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Some comments in response to post:   Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia speaks out...

From Zilla of the Resistance:
I am very angry with many of my fellow Catholics and the Church leadership who overwhelmingly supported Obama and his evil government takeover of health care in the first place. In both cases, there was ample evidence that he was anti-life, anti-Christian and anti-human; there were ample warnings, but those warnings were willfully ignored and those of us who tried to get he truth out were demonized. Catholics who voted for Obama and embraced Obamacare were not mislead, the evidence was clear from the get go exactly what would happen as a consequence of their support and now they are reaping what they have sown with their own deliberate arrogance. Did they not care that Obama consistently took the most radical and evil positions on Life issues, such as actually FIGHTING to make sure that a baby born alive who survived an abortion would never know warmth or compassion or kindness or comfort and would simply be stuck in a closet to die alone and in pain? Where was their conscience THEN? They should have not had their heads so far up their own rear ends in the first place, they should have had a conscience to begin with, instead of bitching about it after the fact. The thing that sucks about this is because of THEM, we all have to suffer.
Tina adds:
Wow, great post and right to the heart of the truth, Zilla of the Resistance!

We are all going to suffer incredibly because our Church leadership is riddled with those unfit for Office.

Even Archbishop Chaput, who is an orthodox and holy man, misses the most crucial part of the equation, when he says in expressing his disagreement re: the HHS mandate that it's, "his personal view and people are free to disagree" - Hello?? Why is Bishop Chaput characterizing opposition to subsidizing that which violently strips religious freedom on one of the most crucial Church teachings as "personal opinion"? Last time I checked, this is an official and foundational Church belief, to be shouted from the rooftops, activate the entire church and damn the fears from the IRS and throw Obama out!

Also, Bishop Chaput states, "But it is this administration -- not Catholic ministries or institutions or bishops -- that chose the timing and nature of the fight." Here, in what Archbishop Chaput sees as a positive regarding the lack of aggression by the Church, is really the precise reason we are in this mess, because the Catholic leadership is totally unable or unwilling to take the fight to Obama.

IOW, when Christ told St. Peter that "the gates of hell would not prevail" against His Church, His statement illustrates the Church on OFFENSE, not on badly executed defense, such as the Bishops waiting for Obama to repeal something he never had the right to take, and would never have attempted to take if the Church took the fight to Obama instead of the other way around.

P. S. Never forget that all Muslims are completely exempted from any participation in obamacare.
Sheraton has some good advice:
I agree with your thoughts, but we have to DO something, and I have been thinking on this for several days as I am as disgusted as you about this:

1) We've got to keep talking about this to everyone we can: I came out of Mass today (after happily listening to a letter from our Archbishop, J. Peter Sartain read to us by our pastor), and while walking out brought the issue up to a teacher at my daughters' Catholic school, and she said "Oh, well, hopefully it will be reversed..." and I said, NO, the original mandate is already law, and Obama LIED about being 'accommodating' at his press conference.

2) Let your local and national representatives know how you feel about this; I am sorry to say that laws similar to the HHS mandate are presently being considered in my state (Washington).

3) Work to get Obama out of the WH, and take back the Senate and retain control of the House.

4) The opposition would love to see us turn our anger toward Pelosi, Sibelius et al., but I prefer to recall they will have their Day of Judgment before God.

5) Try to reach out to any right-thinking person you can about this, especially our non-catholic fellow-citizens who are believers or simply concerned about their individual freedoms--if they're not, they should be!

Finally, for more inspiration, go read JR Dunn's column at the American Thinker--it will lift your heart a little (I've needed that these past few days!).
A.Men said:
Roman Catholics, get a spine. Start with publicly throwing Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, and other abortion worshippers out of the Roman Catholic Church!
How can they possibly be shocked? All of this man's actions (including those that he encircles himself with) pointed to exactly what he is and has done. He is no man of faith. He and his ilk are evil. The warnings were blatantly obvious. The way that he got into the WH was a blaring sign of what was to come. The DNC would stop at nothing to force this upon our country.

We have allowed these creatures to rise to power, we can also become determined and begin to take them down. A.Men is right, start throwing out those that are playing both sides of the fence. We won't have much left. I don't mean to state that there cannot be a middle ground because there always is however, now there is no middle ground.

I think every politician should own their behavior. Feet to the fire.

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