Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catholics are being scammed...

and so is everyone else.

Watching all this hysteria over the HHS mandate can become a little bewildering.  First off, if the bishops had done the job of teaching that their position in the Church requires, Obama wouldn't be President.  It's as simple as that. Then they supported Obamacare as a "right" to promote their Marxist social justice and didn't even make this big of a clamor over the abortion provision.  What's up with that?

Allow me to repeat (and repeat, and repeat) - the issue is this: why is the federal government mandating anything about someone's private health plan?  And for all those "Catholics" demanding that your religious employer provide for contraception?  How about this?  They don't have to provide any insurance at all.  They choose to do that.

A right to "free" contraception?  Guess what?  Your rights stop where mine start.  I have a right not to pay for your life-style drugs of choice.  I don't care what company or church is providing them.  It's as simple as that. 

Which brings us back to this: with all this arguing about contraception, we're losing the main issue.  Insurance should belong to the individual and not doled out by an employer. 

So, how are we being scammed?  This screeching will go on awhile longer, and then this immoral and corrupt administration will do some sort of reversal.  Then all the happy-clappy crowd in the Church can feel good about voting for Obama again, not that this was likely to stop them anyway, and the Obama worshipers can bow down once again to their 'dear leader."  

Here's the only thing Obama has accomplished besides spending boat loads of taxpayer money.

He has:
  • turned black against white
  • rich against poor
  • young against old
  • and now he's dividing the Catholic Church
Good work Obama and all the rest of your evil minions doing the work of the devil.


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