Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yesterday was a better day...

because I stayed off the internet for much of the day.

Imagine spending the next 10 months listening to attack after attack against each of the possible Republican nominees - by the Republicans/Conservatives.  That's exactly what's going to happen. 

Is Bain Capital really an issue?  By the time the anti-capitalists are done, it will be.  Having not examined each and every document detailing what Bain Capital did or did not do, I won't be making a decision over their business practices.  With only a cursory glance at the company, it appears they were not the "vultures" people seem to think they are.  But, hey - that's just me. 

Bob Belvedere, over at Camp of the Saints, has one of the best round-ups I've read so far - and we thank him.

Nomination Excitations: The Day After New Hampshire - Thoughts on the status of the race for the GOP Nomination and the candidates the day after the New Hampshire Primary…

I don't always disagree with Victor Davis Hanson, but his fine article Obama’s Postmodern Vision 
while being correct about the direction this country is headed, attributes way too much to the "vision" of Obama.  Trust me on this - Obama has no vision.  He is an empty-suited sock-puppet living on the down-low whose only "vision" is of his next fun ride on Air Force One.  Obama is a malignant narcissist, who is being played and manipulated; he actually believes the hype promulgated by the loony left.  He and his equally despicable wife are sheltered and cosseted from the true feelings of the vast majority of the American public.  We know this because no one has had the nerve to tell Mooch she looks like a hot-mess 99% of the time (I'm trying to be charitable by tossing her 1%.)   But remember, while Mooch runs around spending our money, she thinks we're stupid uninformed.

More things of interest: 

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Mark, at Libertas et Memoria:   Can a Catholic be a libertarian?
My thoughts? To those of us who study our faith, the answer is pretty simple.  Find out why.

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MOTUS:  Run-a-way Win:  It's All Legal

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