Monday, January 23, 2012

Some Days the Dragon Wins...

Quote of the Day
from Jon Acuff

I like that.
Some days the dragon wins.
You work as hard as you can on a resolution or a goal or a dream and the day crumbles.
You tried your hardest, but for reasons in your control or out of your control, the day fell apart.
The dragon won.
Your manuscript was not written. Your miles were not run. Your dream was not dreamed.
But, and this is an awful big but, that was just today.
Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is a new chance for you to beat back the dragon all over again. Tomorrow is a day you can win.
Don’t listen to the voice of fear that says, “Real writers never lose to the dragon some days. Real runners never miss a day of training. Real businesses never have down days.”
That’s a lie.
Some days the dragon wins.
And that’s OK. As long as tomorrow, you keep fighting.

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