Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Marianne Gingrich unloading on Newt?

so says Drudge.

Remind me again - wasn't Marianne the gal who was chipping around with Newt while he was married to Jackie?   She obviously didn't have a mother as smart as mine who taught me early and well and said,  " If you believe the married guy you're having an affair with won't do the same thing to you - that is, if you can get him to leave his wife, he'll do it to you.  I took my mom's advice and avoided the married man trap. I have no sympathy for Ms Marianne. 

Now Marianne wants to "end his career" with an "explosive" interview.  She spoke to ABC news reporter Brian Ross for two hours and from what I can glean, the network won't show the interview until after the primary.  After perusing previous interviews with her, it is clear she's pretty dang pissed at Newt for ditching her for a younger woman.  This should be interesting...


Hot Air seems to think the interview will air tomorrow

Drudge: Gingrich’s ex-wife is ready to dish; Update: Interview to air tomorrow?

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