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March for Life Washington, DC...

January 23, 2012

Last year, it was estimated that 400,000 people gathered in Washington, DC to proclaim the right to life.  I have a feeling that tomorrow's attendance will break all records.  These hearty travelers from all corners of the country will attend 3 days of activities, beginning yesterday.  They will attend Masses and church services and pray together.  Tomorrow they will march in unison for the stopping of the killing of innocent lives.  They will not break windows, throw objects at police officers, or curse at bystanders.  They will leave the Washington Mall spotless and unharmed.

Speaker of the House John Boehner will deliver opening remarks at the 39th annual March for Life in Washington on Monday, January 23, 2012.
“Respect for life has never been a political position for me: it’s who I am, and it’s who we are as a people,” Congressman Boehner said. “The cause of life endures in large part due to the vigilance of the American people, especially those who, led by Nellie Gray, march and pray in our nation’s capital each year at this time. It will be a great honor to address the March for Life as Speaker of the House and leader of its bipartisan pro-life majority.”

In San Francisco on Friday, a few hundred occupests threw Bibles and rocks at the police. They broke windows of businesses, illegally entered into an abandoned hotel, and blocked traffic, which hampered hard-working tax-paying citizens who were going about their daily tasks.  Their voices joined together to spew hatred and vileness.  In all, there were 23 arrests and two police officers injured. 

In Washington, D.C., 11 people forced confrontations with police.  They were arrested on the steps of the Supreme Court House and on the plaza, while another person was arrested inside the courthouse for unlawful entry.   In every city that had a demonstration on Friday, the numbers were low, but the destruction, mess, and mayhem was high.  source  

This is what our president stands behind. 

Any questions? 

Quote of the Day

From: Tom McLaughlin

Borrowing, Abortion, Obama

[...]There's a critical mass of Americans that won’t take responsibility for the human life it conceives and it loves Barack Obama. It’s made up of men whose view of sex is “Slam, bam, thank you m’am. Oh, you're pregnant? Here’s $500 for an abortion.” It’s made up of women who would sacrifice their own children in the name of “liberation.” These are the Americans who would continue borrowing indiscriminately from the future to keep their unsustainable benefits flowing as long as possible. Obama helps them all feel good about themselves. They voted him into the White House and they will again unless an opponent emerges who can persuade them to take a long, honest look at themselves.  read the entire article

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