Monday, January 9, 2012

I think I want this book...

From American Spectator: 

Living the Call: An Introduction to the Lay Vocation
 By Michael Novak and William E. Simon Jr.(Encounter Books, 184 pages, $21.95)
HOW DOES a Christian layman who takes his faith seriously, indeed as a matter of (eternal) life and death, answer Christ's call to imitate him in everyday life, in such a way that Christ will welcome him into the next life?

Authors William E. Simon Jr. and Michael Novak take on this question in Living the Call: An Introduction to the Lay Vocation. Simon, a well-known philanthropist and former political candidate in California, and Novak, lay theologian and author of dozens of books (including works on politics and free enterprise very familiar to the readers of TAS), offer suggestions that may prove useful not only to fellow Catholics but also to members of other faiths.  read the rest of the review at American Spectator

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