Monday, January 23, 2012

I rescind everything I've said about post-debate round-ups...

because Smitty, over at The Other McCain, has done the best ever, most spot-on wrap up - and we thank him.

Please have your tray in an upright and locked position with all beverages secured.

 by Smitty
22:41 EST Mitt: If elected, I will institute the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Countries Not Named Greece.
22:40 EST Williams: Has America seen better days?
22:39 EST Newt: Yeah, we’re toast. I don’t want people for me, I want people with me.
22:38 EST Mitt: I have an inflatable record that is sufficiently buoyant to float the albatross and the galoshes.
22:37 EST Williams: RomneyCare; albatross, or cement galoshes for you?
22:36 EST Paul: Yeah, if want liberty and small government, you need to gaff these RINOs on the stage with me right off.
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