Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Donna Summers has a message for Obama...w/Update

who do you think you're fooling.

When I worked for Creative Drum Shop in Phoenix, we rented all the percussion instruments (including all set drums) and much of the sound equipment to the Donna Summer Show.  I was responsible for delivery of the van full of equipment, and under penalty of sure death, I was to guard the goods, see that they were packed up after the show, and safely returned to the store.

She and I joked about the fact that we shared a birthday (December 31) although she is a few years younger than I.  Donna Summer and her staff were a delight to work with and her show was outstanding.  And the "goods" were well treated and returned safely to the store.

Donna is a committed Christian and has spent many years on her art career.  One of her paintings is below. 


After doing a bit of poking about the interwebs, I've decided that this is most assuredly not one of Donna's paintings.  I thought at the time it looked nothing like her other works (as one of my commenters pointed out.)  

Since I think the picture is so fascinating, I've decided to leave it here and have posted a Donna Summer painting blow.

Anyone know who did the picture below?

Click to embiggum

Will the real Donna Summer painting stand up...

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