Monday, January 23, 2012

Be back later...

and ready for the debate.

I think Mitt is going to do the proverbial "shot in the foot" tonight by attacking Newt (how in heck did we end up with two so-called front-runners with the names "Mitt" and "Newt"?)

We're off to a movie - Contraband.  Mark Wahlberg is one of the good guys, so we'll support his movies.  Lunch afterwords compliments of one of hubby's student who gifted us with several gift cards to a local restaurant.

For those that don't know the rules:

Play nice while I'm gone, use your inside voices, keep the sand in the sandbox, and return my toys at the end of the day...

(except for those who have been given their own toys due to their inability or unwillingness to follow the rules or those who were worthy to have their own.  You figure out which is which.)

Odie, Randy, Dave, Blue, and Zilla have their own toys.  In Zilla's case, it's a whole dang circus.  Today I'm giving Bunni her own very special toy. 

For Bunni:

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