Monday, December 5, 2011

Ann Barnhardt speaks out about Jon Corzine...

truth to power.
Corzine is supposed to testify before the Senate Ag Committee this week. If he shows up, he will do two things: he will plead the Fifth and/or he will lie. We all need to get our heads around the fact that OATHS mean absolutely NOTHING to these psychopaths. Lying is intrinsic to their psychological comportment. They view lying as every bit as essential to day-to-day functioning as breathing and eating. When psychologically normal people lie, we feel a sharp pain in both our minds and bodies. I feel a tightness in my solar plexis and a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"Mmmm. Yes, I loved your beet and cottage cheese casserole with Velveeta sauce. Seconds? Why sure!"

Corzine and other psychopaths like him, such as Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and all the rest, feel nothing when they lie and thus do it almost constantly. Oaths are something that they laugh at as the domain of stupid religious rednecks. If we don't acknowledge this plain, obvious truth and stop treating these people as if they are psychologically normal and honorable and presuming that they are honest and bound by any oath, then they will destroy all of us with their lies and deceit. So when we watch Corzine "testify" before the Senate committee, we MUST be wise enough and discerning enough to KNOW that he is lying every single time he says, "I don't recall," or "I had no knowledge of that."  source

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