Saturday, November 19, 2011

Enough politics already...

let's make bacon.

I make bacon in the oven.  It's simple and doesn't tend to stink up the house like pan frying tends to do.

How to:

Line a cookie sheet that has edges with foil

Pretty dang easy so far.  Make a little pouring spout on one corner for pouring off grease.

Put bacon in pan.  Notice my side has a whole bunch of fresh cracked pepper.  Still pretty easy.

Put pan in cold oven and turn temperature to 400 degrees.  It takes about 15 minutes or so to completely cook (thicker bacon will take longer and may need to be flipped once.)  I'm cooking up a bunch of cheaper bacon (Big Buy) that was in the markdown bin at the grocery store for .69 cents for a one pound package so I'm expecting to have a bit more grease.  Use the little funnel you made in the corner to pour grease into a cute little jar for cooking other things. 

Watch carefully.  Oven temps vary and your bacon can go from nicely cooked to burnt to a crisp very quickly.  Some may have to be removed before others.  

I always cook the whole package and the extras are parceled out into zip lock bags for the freezer. 

Breakfast is served...

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