Saturday, November 19, 2011

Does this make me important?..

I think so.

'Cause I just learned Big Fur Hat, over at iOwnTheWorld,  received a copy of the recently released book by Tanni Haas, “Making it in the Political Blogosphere.”

I wandered over to my gmail account and lo and behold - I GOT A COPY, TOO!!  So I now know I'm almost as important as Big Fur Hat. I could never be as important as Big Fur Hat because, well - he has a big fur hat and I don't.  Someone want to send me a big fur hat??

Dear Adrienne,

I am writing to let you know that my book, “Making it in the Political Blogosphere,” has just been released by Lutterworth Press. For your information, I have attached an electronic version of it.

The book features profiles of and interviews with 20 of world’s top political bloggers. These include (in alphabetical order) Rogers Cadenhead, Steve Clemons, Juan Cole, Cheryl Contee, Tyler Cowen, Kevin Drum, Eric Garris, Nick Gillespie, Taegan Goddard, Jane Hamsher, John Hawkins, Jim Hoft, Arianna Huffington, Thomas Lifson, Andrew Malcolm, Eric Olsen, Heather Parton, Lew Rockwell, Ben Smith, and Mathew Yglesias.
I'll take a look-see and let you all know what I think.


Thanks, Dr. Haas for making me feel relevant.

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