Monday, October 17, 2011

This is what Obama is supporting... w/Update

and people have problems with calling the "occupiers" bottom feeders and useful idiots?

Keith Koffler:
President Obama is intensifying his identification with the Occupy Wall Street movement.
This is truly frightening.
It would be one thing for Obama to practice benign neglect, to communicate that everyone has a right to protest without really commenting on the movement itself.
But it must be unprecedented for a president of the United States to suggest an affinity for radical leftists who despise capitalism and seek to upend the economic and political system. read the rest
From Redneck Reflections:

The Battle for the Republic, Part II


Gateway Pundit has the identities of the marchers.  One is James Raines, a University of Memphis teacher.  My question: How is it that Mr. Raines gets a free pass as a teacher while promoting communism while Donald Douglas of the American Power blog, has his employment as a teacher threatened because he espouses conservative principles?  source

Zilla sums up the Donald Douglas harassment quite well: 

Stand Against Evil - Never Let it Win

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