Thursday, September 9, 2010

Computer chirping along like an itty-bitty bird...

but my Adobe Flash player is gone.  Arrrrgh!!

My wonderful computer guru was here to clean up the old beast and it's running like a spring chick and my new Logitech mouse, with a functioning wheel, is better than sex (almost ).  However, somehow my Adobe Flash player disappeared.   I remember having a nightmare of a time installing a flash player with Firefox many years ago.  Nothing has changed!

I know, I know - all you techie types are ROFLAO at my inability to solve my little problem.  I've spent several hours reading all the help sites, tweaking every system that can be tweaked, pleading with Adobe, and lighting candles to the computer gods - all to no avail.  Videos will not play. Period.

I shall overcome my embarrassment at being  "technologically challenged" and email my guru who will, no doubt, fix the problem with a few little simple instructions.  Want to know the best thing about my guru??  He never, ever laughs at me - at least to my face.

I'm going to go to the store and buy a couple of new toilet seats to soothe my soul (no jokes, please!)

And later I will break my silence (no big whoop) on this whole Quran burning thingy going on - which as of a few minutes ago was called off.  Oy vey!

My blogger buddy, LarryD, one of the all time funniest guys on-line  (except for Terry   - but you have to be insane to "get" Terry's humor, which both LarryD and I do, which means that both Larry and I are insane) weighs in with a report of another serious book burning that is sure to start yet another international uproar. 

Read  Blogger: I'm burning the NCReporter  and weep for our world...


LarryD said...

Thanks for the link, Duchess. Sorry about your technical issues - glad I was able to provide you with a laugh or two today.

(And Fr Z linked to me, too!)

Terry Nelson said...

Thanks for the link Hon! Love from the asylum.