Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day All You Greenie Weenies

living in your houses made from trees that were cut down in the prime of life...

I witnessed recycling for the first time many years ago on a trip to Minnesota.  My ex-sister-in-law (a greenie-weenie teacher), was carefully sorting all her trash into colorful little bins on her back porch.  I thought it was one of the oddest things I had ever seen.  Nothing since then has happened to change my mind.  The only thing culled from  normal trash in our neck of the woods (North Idaho - home of many bitter-clingers), is cans of paint and such, which makes perfect sense.

  I certainly hope the schools have lots of nice Earth Day celebrations planned, so the little children can get a head start on worshiping the creation instead of the Creator. 

Here's how our current president celebrated Earth Day last year.

Earth Day: An Assault on Man
by Brian Sussman at the American Thinker

I'm with Bungalow Bill on this being a perfect way to celebrate:  40th Anniversary of Earth Day: Cut a Tree Down on Earth Day! Cut Down Lots of Trees on Earth Day

There's nothing I like more than an arrogant elitist with multiple homes, limousines, and private jets telling me I should sort my garbage, put ugly little squiggly mercury-filled light bulbs in my home, quit eating meat, and drive a tuna can that will lead to my certain death if struck by anything larger than another tuna can.  The only smart thing John Kerry ever did was marry a women with a boat-load of money (which she inherited by being married to an evil capitalist.)

From The Huffington Post:  John Kerry  The Power of Earth Day in America

The Blog Prof, as usual, gives us an overwhelmingly well put together history and information on Earth Day.  He can do that because he gave up sleeping, or something.   Michigan media: Save the planet by buying Al Gore's book and seeing Avatar or something  and   Happy Vladimir Lenin's birthday Earth Day!

Shout First, Ask Questions Later: Screw Saving The Earth - Save The Bacon 

Mark in Spokane (Libertas et Memoria)  Earth Day: environmentalism as a fundamentalist religion

Moonbattery:   A Patriots Guide to Earth Day

From LarryD:

Urf Day 2010

*Editor's note:  I've invited a special guest to write a post to commemorate the solemn nature of Earth Day.*

Hello everyone!  My name is Loofa Leaf, the Earth Day Dryad!  Yay, it's Earth Day!  I'm so full of glee and happiness today!  It makes me want to fly!!   read the rest  and be sure and print out the Earth Day carol:  "Loofa Leaf Is Comin' To Town".  You can gather together with your work-mates and give it a sing around the water cooler.
  The Crescat tells us  how I celebrate earth day...
Why is no one is willing to face the reality of illegal immigration? 

Reaganite Republican:  Mexican Drug War Deaths Now Outnumber US Losses in Iraq 5-to-1

To lift your spirits:

Conservatives Fight Back 
Nice Deb tells us why we are important. 
The days when liberals could make their nasty, baseless smears on t.v, or in print, and get away with it, are over. If they want to claim that conservatives spat on them, or called them racial epithets, I’m afraid we’re going to need to see the proof. You know why? You know why. Liberals lie. They have no compunction about it, either. It’s an Alinsky rule. They further their goals by any means necessary. This fact is becoming more obvious by the day. read the rest

Eating Cake and the Reality of God  Belinda gives advice to her children we all need to hear.

Fear of Telling the Truth   Prodigal Daughter
[...]In our society, those who have a different viewpoint than the current administration are being told to shut up. They are being told that their opinions are "hateful" or "racist." Those who boldly speak their mind in opposition are being harassed and castigated on a level I've never before witnessed. And because of such attacks, fear has the opportunity to muzzle truth. read the entire article. It's excellent!


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Thanks for the link, Duchess! Loofa thanks you too!

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Thank you Adrienne... we all need to educate ourself while Team Obama spoon feeds us an alternative reality they find useful

And just what are we importing wholesale here?

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Reaganite Republican - I find it beyond comprehension that people actually believe the drivel they spread around...

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Go and read Simcha's post at Faith and Family:

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Big families actually look after the earth better than small families.

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Did you see over at Miss Kats place that I nominated you for most patriotic!