Sunday, August 23, 2009

Awards and Accolades

Well, fiiiiiinaly!

About a gazillion years ago, Joe of St. Therese awarded me the anti-muffin award. The anti- muffin award is given to those blogs operated by insane people who aren't afraid to speak their minds...
(I added the insane part, but it fits and it's my blog - so there!)

We're all waiting with baited breath (whatever the he** that means - sounds fishy to me) for Joe to make a big announcement. I however, would not be surprised if there might not be a new priest in the Church in about however many years it takes to make a priest. Just sayn"....

Other famous people that received this award are:
  • LarryD at Acts of Apostasy (one on the funniest people, evah!),
  • Lola (a lady who never fails to raise my spirits and make me feel very, very important - which is important, doncha know),
  • Karen over at Gem of the Ocean ( Karen is a true gem who has perfected the art of the well turned phrase - which is a nice way of saying, I love her rants),
  • Cavey over at The Lair of the Catholic Caveman (another person who takes no prisoners),
  • Adoro (she has her days when I wouldn't want to cross her),
  • Subvet over at Blowing San #1, (husband to the mighty Mighty Mom)
  • Angela (who taught me everything I know about whining to get my way.)

Not to be outdone

Sarah who just moved to Hawaii (lucky girl), sent me an anti-muffin award, too.

She also has been waiting patiently for my address (it's on the way, Sarah), annnnd..........gave me a meme to do:

The Seven Things About Moi That Make Moi Awe-Summm:

  1. I'm try to be a good friend (unless you cross me and then you're dead meat)
  2. I'm short (short girls can date tall boys and the short boys)
  3. I'm a good teacher (if I don't know the subject real well, I'm capable of making it up as I go along)
  4. I'm generous
  5. I treat my husband like a king (at least as far as I'm concerned and his opinion doesn't count)
  6. I have ADD (adults with ADD are sooooooooo fun! We drive the rest of the world crazy, doncha know!)
  7. I speak the truth (not the "truth as I see it", but the truly true truth!)
I think I'm supposed to give this to a bunch of people but instead I think my readers should appoint themselves recipients and link back to their "awesome post"

Moving right along with more accolades and awards, Ebeth, over at Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars, awarded me the Loyal Friend and Visitor Award and said some really nice things about me, which makes her one smart cookie!

I'm not only a loyal visitor of Ebeth's (she shares my outrage on most things political), but I'm also a loyal visitor of her Avon on-line store. I love many of their products and I really love having a my cute UPS guy in his summer shorts deliver my beauty products. Gives new meaning to their advertising slogan, "what can Brown do for you."

Thanks, Ebeth. You Rock!!

At Adrienne dePitera: Secret Sunday Places


Anonymous said...

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LarryD said...

Thanks for the award, Adrienne! You're too nice!

Lola said...

You're too good to me Adrienne.

Thank you.

Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...