Tuesday, August 4, 2009

1984 Rears It's Head

I read this on the White House blog and was so disturbed I had to head outside and pull weeds. It's an activity that gives me time to think.

My Lord in heaven - this is creepy beyond my ability to even formulate words or barely wrap my mind around.

Over and over we hear this mantra concerning terrible events in history, "it could never happen again." Well if that were
true, then the terrible event would have only happened once.

I live in the state and very close to the site where the federal government drove military tanks down a tiny dirt road high in the mountains in order to capture a man by the name of Randy Weaver. They killed his son, wounded a family friend, shot and killed his wife while she was holding her infant, and killed the family dog.

I drove to Ruby Ridge and stood at the base of the road to Randy's house in some of the most peaceful and beautiful country to be found anywhere in the USA. I tried to imagine tanks and helicopters assau
lting a family living in a house with no electricity and it made me cold with fear.

We all watched in horror as the federal government incinerated
76 people, including 21 children and two pregnant women, at the Branch Davidian in Waco, TX. Janet Reno turned the full force of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms against a group of religious zealots.

So don't tell me, "it could never happen again."

What truly frightens me is the number of people that just slog through their days completely unaware of what is going on.

From the White House web site:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov.


Gateway Pundit: It Has Begun... Obama Initiates Formation of His Marxist Snitch Network

Red State:Call For Informants: If You Oppose Obamacare, Even in ‘Casual Conversation,’ the White House Wants to Know About It

Mommy Life: Obama Health Care: White House urging you to report "fishy" email or sites re: health care "reform"

And while you're here could someone please tell me why the font size goes all wonky on Blogger?


Austringer said...

What! You wonder why Americans aren't alarmed about this? Don't you understand that we are still grieving over the death of Michael Jackson?? How can we think about anything beyond this....bread....circuses....bread...circuses..

Sarah - Kala said...

What? We the people can't talk about healthcare reform or initiatives? We still have freedom of speech, right? Damn right.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Maybe I'm naive (I tend to be a Polyanna), but could it possibly be an honest attempt to make sure that the message that is sent is the one that is received?

Mrsupole said...

Hi Adrienne,

I just wrote a poem that I hope you like. In some weird way it ties in to this a little.

Anyway, isn't our government starting to look like the USSR. Are we now in a cold war against our own government. I would also like to ask if I can send a copy of this in an e-mail. I know a lot of people who would like to know this info. I am so proud that I can say that I did not vote for this Obama man. For those that did vote for him, I wonder how they are being able to look at theirselves in the mirror, but then they probaly are so uninformed that it would not matter anyway. I still to this day do not understand how they felt that all those Communists that O man associated with had no effect on him. I think anyone who has half a brain should now be able to see how they influenced him.

Okay, I better stop, I can barely type I am in so much pain and so angry. Should I report myself. I wonder what the White House would do if we all started reporting ourselves. Would they attack us all. Yes they probably would. Sigh.

God bless.

Adrienne said...

Austringer - the media hype on MJ's death was a bit over the top but waaaaaay less than the family wanted. We have become a nation of idol worshippers...

Adrienne said...

Sarah - what in the world would they do with that information? Send us an email gently telling us what they consider the facts? It is bizarre.

My best guess is that they want to find out the biggest concerns so they can spend their time wisely spinning the facts...

Adrienne said...

Elizabeth - While I can appreciate your attempt to put the best face on all of this, the facts are overwhelming that this administration is the most corrupt power grabbing one ever.

Prudence is a virtue and since Jesus believed in the Evil One, I think it would be prudent to do so as well.

The facts do not back up the spin coming from the White House.

Adrienne said...

Mrsupole - of course you may send this to anyone you like. Heck - you can even turn me into the White House. heh

On my way to read your poem. Is it new from the one I read last night? Never mind - I'll be right there.

Dymphna said...

Most people didn't care about the Davidians. They were told that these people were crazed and dangerous and brought it on themselves. The Weaver family were painted as racists and it was implied that they got what they deserved as well.

EbethW said...

Adrienne!! Food for the the fishes!! Thats what any traitor will be....food for the fishes! Tie their feet to cinderblocks and throw them in the river...

Sounds a lot like the mafia...Chicago-style.

Adrienne said...

Dymphna - I know - just like stories about our area being the hot bed of Aryan Nation activity. MSM would have you believe there's a skinhead behind every pine tree. The top count at any given time was maybe 20.

They will still tell you that Randy was a member of the Aryan Nation. NOT true!

Adrienne said...

ebeth - The thing with the Mafia is they only target "their own" - not John Q Citizen.

I have an overwhelming urge to eat fish tonight. Does shrimp count?

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth is right. Obama only wants what's best for us. Socialism is the way to go and will bring peace to the world

LarryD said...

If I send the WHite House an email and say that Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Chris Matthews and Brian Williams are spreading rumors and disinformation about health care reform, do you think they'll listen?

Adrienne said...

Larry - I've already reported you as a member of the right wing "mob" that is inciting feigned anger and spreading "fishy" stuff.

What a bunch of carp!!!

Lee Strong said...

Can you say "1984"?