Wednesday, May 27, 2009

16,000 Jobs Lost Each Day Since Spendulus Passed....

If it wasn't for folks like Robert Stacy McCain and the BlogProf (not just another pretty face!), who eschew such luxuries as sleep in order to keep us informed, I would have to give up my sleep time. Better them than me - they're younger!

RS McCain posted a great chart showing unemployment claims since the "stimulus" bill passed that he picked up at Gateway Pundit (one of the best blogs, evah!), who in turn has links to even more information from Instapundit.

Obama praises stimulus bill as it hits 100-day mark

The president says the legislation has 'created or saved' nearly 150,000 jobs in the time since the bill was passed, tempering his remarks by saying, 'There are still too many Americans out of work. Ya think??? Los Angeles Times

Well there you have it folks. Straight from the front page of Google. Are the people of this country really that stupid??


Robert Stacy McCain said...

I'm starting to think the Obama administration is a Satanic plot to make decent people cuss their way into hell.

Adrienne said...

RS - I'm well on my way!