Saturday, December 20, 2008

Catch Up Saturday

Tracy over at a Catholic Mom in Minnesota, awarded me the Marie Antoinette Award. I think it means I'm as old as Marie but look really great for my age.

****And while I was busy digesting that piece of good news our very own Therese at Aussie Coffee Shop gave me the same award, albeit with a different picture. Being a Marie Antoinette fan (that thing about eating cake really resonates with me, even though she probably never said it), both awards were welcome and appreciated. Now I must pick out 7 worthy ladies (I don't think this is a good award for a guy), to be blessed with this award.


So here is my list:

  • Belinda over at Belinda's Brain because she always makes me smile and loves maps and other strange stuff. This lady not only thinks outside the box, she doesn't even own a box.
  • Agnes over at Dignitatis Mulieribus, because she is a brand new blogger and is a very sweet lady.
  • Laura who has a brand new home at Wordpress
  • Lola at What Lola Wants and Some Unsolicited Advice does blogging right. What she wants, when she wants it...
  • Rachel Gray at Infused Knowledge. Very, very bright lady!
  • Angela at Where Angels Go. Angela loves meme's and awards and we love her. Don't worry Angela - I'm getting around to the Ten Top Catholic meme. Promise!
  • Kelly at Answering the Call, my east side neighbor and newly minted Catholic


*Notes from Elle

****My Mom took me to see Frank today. He's my vet and we've been on a first name basis ever since he played with my insides. I had my stitches out and the scar looks pretty good. I may be able to wear that bikini after all. We can hope.

****The steroids make me soooo hungry I tried to bust into the jar on the counter filled with doggie treats. I feel like that dog in the Beggin' Strips commercial who's in search of the bacon. Or at the very least, one of the Zombies asking for more cops to be sent. In my case it's, "bring more food," in a really creeeeepy Zombie-like voice. "Cause see, I wouldn't eat a cop even if they did send one, but don't tell my Mom that. It's good to keep her on edge. You should have seen the look on her face when I was licking her leg the other morning. She thought I was sizing her up for breakfast. ROTFLMAO!!!
****The nice lady at the desk had some hypo-allergenic treats and I gobbled down two or three of those and scattered crumbs all over her paperwork. She didn't seem to mind. After my nap I'll probably get this goofy barrette off my head and try to eat that like I did the last one. They definitely need salt, though.
****My Mom has to give me my B12 shot this afternoon. It's warming up on the counter while I'm taking a nap with my Dad. The needle is about 10 or 12 inches long. No lie! Hope she doesn't run it straight through and come out the other side and squirt it all over the floor. I heard Frank telling her not to worry where she gave me the injection. He said to think of it as "doggie lawn darts" - anywhere was good. Hmmmmm, not sure I like the sound of that at all.


***I've gotten pretty slim. It's my Paris Hilton look - all bones and big feet. So my Mom asked Frank if she could have the same surgery and get slim, too. How lame. I was pretty embarrassed, but I'm sure Frank is used to goofy stuff like that by now.

****Nice to touch base with all of you. If I don't snare the computer before Christmas have a Merry one, and be sure and give your fur people a really nice gift - like food!!



Laura said...

But, Adrienne, I don't KNOW 7 bloggers...!!!! (This is not for women whose heads you want to see chopped off, is it?)

Elle, Darling! So glad you are on the mend. My appetite is out the roof this time of year - not a nice thing at all when we are trying to develop some sense of vanity, here. Continue getting very well very quick. (How deep does Mom have to give you the shot?)

Laura said...

p.s. _ I shall assume the Marie Award is for those of us who are genuine QUEENS - and thank you :-D

Adrienne said...

Laura - my Mom can do IM or subQ (which stings less). After she gave me my shot I heard her say somethng about me being like butter. First she said I was "ripe" and now she's saying I'm like butter. I'm confused

But, damn - she's good. I didn't feel a thing....

Laura said...

Elle, I had a cat once that played with the doc's stethascope while she was getting her routine shots. It was as if she were having fun with the vet! I've never had another cat behave that way.

Lola said...

Thank you for the posting, and boy do I have a list and you're on it!

I must say lil' Miss Elle looks as pretty as a Chistmas Present!

God Bless

Mark in Spokane said...

Glad to hear that Elle is on the mend! Good news! I'm sure that St. Francis has been looking out for her!

Kirk said...

I know I am being contrary but that second picture os actually Madame du Pompadour...
Elle, good to see you back on your paws again!

Adrienne said...

Kirk - picky, picky - they all kinda look alike... LOL

Anonymous said...

Elle, you sure are one tough little cookie! God bless you, and keep you healthy during the coming year. You're lucky to have such great "Dog-parents". Sending you a hug,ear-scratch, and nose pat from Canada. Meows and head butts from our 3 kitties.

Patricia Gonzalez

Adrienne said...

Patricia - Wow! What a nice thing to say about me. I really try to be brave and I'm getting better all the time. I only take half doses of Prednisone now, so I'm not trying to eat the floor but still mighty hungry.


Agnes B Bullock said...

Thanks for the award!!!!!

BTW- Maria Theresa of Austria, the wife of Louis XIV is the one who said "Let them eat cake", in response to a query about the bread shortages in Paris.