Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When's Obama leaving for Rio?

It can't be soon enough to suit me.

Maggie over at her Notebook (who has just returned from a luxurious vacation where it was warm, beautiful, and interesting - able to engage in lovely activities like eating gourmet food, sinful shopping, and mega-sightseeing - while most of us were languishing in the snow or rain and doing nothing better or more interesting than gazing out our bedroom windows, where we may or may not have had something lovely to gaze upon.  Ooops - sorry,  got carried away there for a moment.  I really, really am glad she had a break from the mundane and do not begrudge her a good time.  Really!)

Anyhoo, Maggie reminds us how disconnected that fool in the White House really is:  Obama Putts Japan Drowns, Burns, Explodes, Starves  -and we thank her.

Backed up by the wonderful MOTUS:  Obama Make History with Bold Choices


Pundette shows her disgust   World in crisis, Obama hits links

I'm torn between wanting him gone since he can do less damage while in Rio than DC, and passing some sort of legislation to stop this insane running around the world for no good reason.  

But, wait!  Be still my beating heart.  The St. Paul Pioneer Press, bastion of liberalism, has posted an unflattering story about Obama's time on the links (I believe it's 62 or so since he was sworn in), and his upcoming trip.  It gets better.  There are 85+ comments, mostly from folks in Minneapolis and St. Paul, calling him the doofus he is.  Hope springs eternal...

From the Pioneer Press:

As problems rage, Obama fills out brackets and heads for Rio: Is it a problem?


Zilla said...

I'm glad Maggie's back! It's nice to see someone who actually deserves a vacation get one (unlike our slacker in chief who is permanently checked out).

Adrienne said...

Mare - wait - WAIT!!! I didn't get a vacation and I don't think you did either. Aren't we worthy???

Only kiiiiiiddding

I "heart" Maggie...

Joe Newby said...

Obama is doing what he does best - fiddling while the world burns.

BTW, CBS's Chip Reid gave the Administration a hard time over his dithering. Kudo's for him!

Also, Adrienne, thanks for the link! Keep up the good work over here!

Adrienne said...

Joe - I saw that little exchange. It made my day.

Your articles are really good and I apologize for not linking more often. Every 10 minutes Harold is running into my office asking me if I've seen your latest (which of course - I have)

Justin said...

It seems as though the President has experienced--perhaps for the first time in his life--something less than unqualified fawning and praise, and has ABSOLUTELY NO psychological mechanisms for dealing with it. Someone should have told him that as POTUS, you don't get trophies for participation...only results.

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Adrienne and Zilla, thank you both and I heart you both! This is so sweet. Have you heard of PPA? You use that when you desperately need a good parking spot" Positive Parking Attitude. It works every time.

Now let's have a little PVA (maybe more than a little) and see if it works. Let's report back to each other.

Adrienne said...

Maggie - Awwwwwwwwwww - let's have a big group hug :-)