Monday, November 8, 2010

A typical Monday

Except, of course, for Obama and his wife running around India on our dime making fools of themselves.  

Busy day today.  See you all later...

From around the web:

Acts of the Apostasy:

Equality Laws - Bad For Children?

This isn't a big surprise.

From the Telegraph:

Fewer children are being adopted than at any time since 1998 after Labour gave adoption rights to homosexual and unmarried couples, according to new figures. read the rest

Redneck Reflections:   How much do you want to bet?
Randy's Roundtable:  AARP(the liars lied for the liar in chief)

The Blog Prof:  Texas Considers Seceding... from Medicaid

The Economic Collapse: One Piece Of Moderately Good Economic News And 14 Pieces Of Bad Economic News That Are So Horrifying You Might Not Want To Read Them Standing Up

Smitty at The Other McCain:  Government Shutdown? Hold The Cheer For A Twinkling Of Fear

Another Black Conservative:   Palin to Bernanke on QE2:”Cease and Desist”


Larry Denninger said...

Thank for the link, Duchess. Above the fold, too! Wow!

belinda said...

When I saw that photo of Obama on Drudge I thought, "Black man dances with elves." Weird.

Mark D. said...

The trip to India is turning out to be a disaster alright. Gladzooks!

Randy-g said...

A damn busy Monday here too Adrienne, TY very much for the link.....

ABNPOPPA said...


You see I take it a different way with the 'bamas out of town. It's cheaper that way. They can't talk Pelosi and Reid in to more social programs that cost trillions, not millions.