Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What the MSM doesn't want you to see about Hillary's coughing fit on plane...

as they conveniently cut away.

Here's the full video. 

Her coughing starts at :36.  At :51 she asks for water.  She heads for the front of the plane and at 1:11 you can clearly see her "handler", the mysterious big black guy, get up from his seat.  At. 1:25 he unties the curtains dividing the sections of the plane and closes them.  I have no idea of why he does this because they're made of see-through mesh.  Hillary is behind a solid curtain in the front of the plane.

At 3:47, one of her aids tells the press that they're getting ready to land.  At about 4:26 Hillary returns and reminds the press that she suffers from seasonal allergies and had the same problem last Labor Day.

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